Having taught instrumental lessons since 2010, I specialize in teaching trombone, but also offer lessons on guitar, trumpet, baritone, and tuba. My focus with lessons is to accommodate and facilitate learning to all skill levels, whether someone is brand new to music, a budding professional, or a veteran of the music industry.

Sessions are all individualized, but points of focus can include fundamentals of brass-playing, fingering and slide techniques, voice leading, melodic flow, theory, chordal voicings, general musicianship and a myriad of other topics! Each student is different, so each student's experience will be catered to their musical interests, playing habits, and personal goals.

Lessons either take place at my home in South Philadelphia, or the students' houses.

If you have questions, or have interest in starting lessons for yourself or your child, don't hesitate to reach me through the contact page.